Contemporary. Timeless. Reassuring.

As a branding voice Keri Tombazian has launched a new line of cars for Buick, launched Whoopi Goldberg on The View, and is the go-to girl for warmth, sensuality, and authenticity. From Boston, to Minneapolis, to Toronto Canada, television viewers know Keri as the local voice of their station.

One of the first women to crack promos and trailers, Keri blows up the notion that women “can’t cut through” – having voiced promos for NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, as well as Animal Planet, and the Fine Living Channel. Feature film spots include Sideways and Atonement.

A natural story teller, Keri has brought to life the A&E Biography Lana Turner, Animal Planet’s Meercat Manor, and the E! True Hollywood Stories of Martha Stewart, Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson, and Marilyn Monroe to name a few.

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